How to Evict during Ontario’s Stay-At-Home Order

Residential evictions are resuming across most of Ontario this week and with them comes a wave of uncertainty for Property Managers. The experts at Frank Feldman Law are here to help you navigate Evictions in 2021. Check our guide for everything you need to know about evictions in Ontario right now. Regions with a Stay-At-Home[…]

Ontario’s New Rules Permit Additional Construction Activities

In the last few weeks, most of Ontario has begun transitioning out of a provincial wide Stay-At-Home Order back to the colour coded COVID-19 response framework. The experts at Frank Feldman Law are here to help you navigate Construction Regulations in 2021. Check our guide below to see how your region is being affected. Regions[…]

What You Need To Know About Construction Liens In Ontario

Ontario’s construction industry employs over 500,000 workers including businesses engaged in residential and non-residential construction as well as engineering projects. The interests of contractors and trades in Ontario are protected by the Construction Act. The experts at Frank Feldman Law have compiled the following summary to help you navigate the law relating to construction liens[…]

Essential Construction In Ontario

On April 17th the Ontario government enforced strict regulations limiting construction to essential projects only. These restrictions do not effect critical infrastructure projects such as new hospitals, roads, and bridges. Any residential construction that has already begun will be permitted to continue throughout the Stay-At-Home Order.The rapid changes in restrictions can be frustrating and confusing,[…]

Changing The Locks

Understanding Ontario’s Moratorium on Commercial Evictions Commercial tenants and landlords alike have been facing grueling financial challenges over the last year. The experts at Frank Feldman Law are here to help you understand your rights. As of January 31, 2021, Ontario Regulation 763/20, made under the Commercial Tenancies Act, R.S.O. 1990 c.L.7, provides that there is[…]

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