Tips For Landlords & Tenants



  • The Landlord should check CanLII (it is free) to see if potential tenants had any past appearances before the LTB.
  • Do credit checks and get a Guarantor, if possible.
  • Get and check references including employment; contact information of previous landlords.
  • Contact previous landlords and try to get a copy of the past lease(s).
  • Get a photocopy of the Driver’s Licence (in case have to hunt down a tenant later for unpaid rent, or other costs).
  • Do not include utilities, internet, cable, gas, electricity with rent if separately metered – can result in huge charges. Have the tenant sign an agreement that will have utilities charged to them and have that in place for the day tenancy commences.
  • Additional clauses should be in a separate schedule.
  • Take date-stamped photos of the rental unit before tenant moves in.
  • When a tenant moves out, do a thorough inspection; take date-stamped photos of the rental unit as close as possible to the time the previous tenants moved out showing any damage that was not there previously. This must be done before any subsequent tenants move in.
  • Good idea to conduct a final inspection with the tenant.


  • The tenant should do a thorough, in-person inspection before entering into a tenancy agreement to make sure there are no pests, to make sure it is not too noisy, to look for any telltale signs of leaks – check the water pressure, check the appliances to ensure they are in working order. If unable to do an in-person inspection personally, prospective tenants should send a friend or family member to conduct the inspection.
  • The tenant should check landlord’s references – try to speak to former tenants to see what they have to say about the landlord; for example, whether the landlord took care of maintenance or other issues in a timely manner, or whether the landlord interfered with the tenant’s reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit.
  • Check CanLII to see if the potential landlord had any past appearances before the LTB for breaches of any tenants’ rights, or for maintenance issues.
  • Additional clauses should be in a separate schedule.
  • Take date-stamped photos of the rental unit before moving in.
  • When inspecting the unit, make sure the landlord is aware of any existing damage in the rental unit and that you did not cause it.
  • Take photos of the rental unit right before returning the keys to the landlord.
  • Good idea to conduct a final inspection with the landlord.
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